Top 7 Unique Ink Methods to Decorate Water Bottles


Decorated water bottles is one of the thousands of products in the promotional product (swag) industry, as well as one of the more popular.  When branding your water bottle, first select the perfect water bottle which fits your budget and audience.  Second, create the design and select the imprint method.   Did you know there are at least seven different type of inks used to decorate water bottles?

Here are seven inks methods used to decorate water bottles:

  1. One to five color screen print:  This is the most common way to decorate.  Each color will add an additional run charge and screen charge to the cost.
  2. Gloss or matte ink:  A tone-on-tone look can be achieved with gloss ink on a matte finish or matte ink on a gloss finish to create a subtle yet elegant look. Take a look
  3. Metallic or glitter ink: Add some sparkle to your logo. Here is an example.
  4. Etch Ink:  On a clear glass or plastic bottle a frosted ink creates an etched glass look.
  5. Elevated Ink:  State-of-the-art process with a clear, gel-like ink which is used to create a 3-D effect, giving it an embossed look and feel. Take a look at an example of elevated ink.
  6. Mirror Ink: On a glass bottle this imprint method allows your logo to be seen from the inside out. Here is an example
  7. Chalk Ink: A chalkboard ink allows you to write on the surface with chalk.  This is a great way to write names as shown here

A knowledgeable local promotional consultant is important when selecting the right product.  However, recommending decoration methods to make your logo pop and your brand stand out makes them even more valuable.

If you want to know more information about methods to decorated water bottles or design ideas, please feel free to contact me.

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