Life’s a Beach….Creative Advertising with Beach Towels!

Life’s a beach…or so we’d all like. And a beach towel certainly hints at that implied fun – lakeside, poolside, or surfside.
But as a promo item, a beach towel doesn’t have to be just about sun and sand and tanning lotion.
Indeed, some folks would love to have this Super Beach Towel to use around the hot tub or simply as a generous bath towel…or even as a picnic blanket!
Lots of ways to make this Super Beach Towel work – as a new-customer gift, a unique and keepable give-away, and more.
For example, imprint the towel with a mini-Frisbee toss game (yes, you’d need the mini-Frisbees, too) your targets could take to the beach or the park or, for that matter, their own backyard!
Or what if you “wrapped” your promo around the comfort and ease of your business’s customer service – for a money-saving day in the sun?
“Let us show you….and we’ll toss in the towel, one way or another”?

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