Thwart a Threatened Hostile Takeover

A British Columbia credit union was threatening a hostile takeover. First Heritage decided to try to round up member awareness and support to block the attempt. The theme of the program was, “No Means Never Having To Say You’re Surrey” (the name of the takeover group).

First Heritage handed out white cowboy hats (for the “good guys”), buttons, bumper stickers, hand fans, sweatshirts, decals, and balloons at the branches and at a general meeting of members. The promotion was further supported by newspaper, radio, and direct mail advertising.

The detailed coordination of themed promo products and print, broadcast, and mail in this award- winning campaign points to the power of dimensional marketing, especially when coupled with conventional ad media…which just doesn’t have the “staying” strength of promotional items!

Takeover was rejected
with 98% nay votes!!

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